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Get a Free BSNL Internet Connection

You may all be trying to Access the Old, not working now, Free AirTel GPRS, with no luck. Don't waste you time looking for the setting, it does not work right. And those among you who have been loyal readers of this blog may know that I will be the first one to post about the Free Airtel GPRS once it is availble. For now, try to use the Free Internet Connection provided by BSNL (Ya! I know it sucks, but it is free :) ). You can access the BSNL's NetOne connection free of cost for the entire month of October 2008. All you need to have is a PC, a Modem and BSNL Landline for this to work. Create a new dial up connection and enter the following details in it:

Username: Enter your STD code followed by your phone number. Please don't include Zero that you usually prefix to your STD code. If your STD code is 0123 and your phone number is 12345678, then your Username will be 12312345678

Password: Your Phone Number. Example: 12345678

Dial: 172222

The NetOne speed is not that good but a…