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Call for free to anywhere in the World

I have always wanted to call my pals in the US but due to peak high ISD call costs in India, avoid to call them. There are a lot of apps and software which provide damn cheap call rates. Some of them include Skype and Yahoo VoIP. While they do provide cheap calls and free PC to PC calls , these services mostly fail to provide free call service from PC to mobile or Landline.
Then there is a website called GizmoCall which lets people call to anywhere in the blue planet for free. They do impose a limit on the free call and that being that you can call for only one minute. But that should not be a problem. So, happy free calling.

Send free SMS to any country from your computer or Mobile

Many of you(myself included) are SMS junkies. More than half of the mobile bill is because of SMSs. So, why not just send SMS from computer or mobile for free. What you will need is just a computer or a mobile with internet connectivity. Only minus point in such free services is that they will most of the times send small advertisement included in your SMS, but this should not matter as we can get our message across for free.

Send Free SMS from Computer

All you need to send SMS from computer is to have an active internet connection on your computer. Go to and select the phone number to which you want to send the SMS. There are many other services where you can send free SMS. Some of them are given below:
Send SMS from Mobile:

To send free sms from mobile phone, you should have a mobile with internet connectivity (GPRS). You will need to install a small app on you mobile. This app i…

Pimp your GMail with a new Design

Like me, many other users of GMail have been fed up with the same old look and feel.

Here is how you can change the look of GMail as if it had got a redesign from Google. But you will need to have Firefox installed. Believe me, if you don't have Firefox installed you are not making the most of Internet. If you have not firefox installed yet, get Firefox here. After you have installed Firefox you will need to go to this Firefox addon page and add Stylish to your Firefox. After that you go to this Userstyles page and install the script. That all, when you now open Gmail, you will have a new dark look.