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Make Money just by surfing the internet

AGLOCO is a company that is taking the blogosphere and the entire Internet by storm for one simple reason - it is the only way you can earn money online by doing what you already do - simply surfing the web.

The company is brand new and it's exciting to be involved with an Internet company right from the beginning. If you join AGLOCO now, you can be the one to tell all your friends and blog readers and get them involved too. Wouldn't it have been cool to be the first person in your group to introduce everyone to Google, YouTube, or MySpace? Don't miss out on the chance this time!


Yes, it costs nothing to sign up with AGLOCO. AGLOCO pays you!

Where does the money come from? The money that AGLOCO uses to pay you, me, and the rest of the members comes from the advertisers. Advertisers today crave to be able to put out their messages to highly targeted audiences. This model delivers that ability effortlessly. For example, if you are viewing a site about movies, then it only makes sense that you would be interested in a movie trailer ad for a movie that will be opening that weekend.

Here's the second best part about AGLOCO. (The first part is that it costs nothing to join). You don't have to click on any ads in order to earn the money! You can completely ignore the ads if you want to. In fact, you can even minimize the toolbar if you don't want it on your screen for some reason. Remember, though, you want to earn money so you will want to keep the toolbar up while you are surfing. Since the ads are targeted, they may be of interest to you anyway so you just may want to click on them, but you have no obligation to do so.

How AGLOCO Works

Members simply download a viewbar that stays open while they are using the Internet. The viewbar is about the same size as toolbars you may have already added to your browsers for other applications such as the Google toolbar, the RoboForm toolbar, the Alexa toolbar, the AOL toolbar, or the StumbleUpon toolbar. See the screenshot at the bottom of the page to see how little room the viewbar actually takes up. You may have to look closely. The AGLOCO symbol is in the bottom left above the start button and if you look across you can see that the ad is a movie trailer for SpiderMan 3.

AGLOCO will be generating money for its members in several ways. A few are listed here, more detail is available on the AGLOCO site.

  • Search: The viewbar has an Internet search box. Search engines pay referral fees to companies when search results are served. (Bet you didn't know you have been generating money for someone else every time you used a search box on a non-search engine site.)
  • Ads - As described above, ads complementing the website your on are available via the toolbar.
  • Commision - If a member buys something online as a result of viewing an ad, the company earns a commission.

Make More Money With AGLOCO

As if this isn't an interesting enough opportunity already, you can make even more money from AGLOCO by referring your friends. This is so much better than regular affiliate programs. In most programs, you get a dollar or two for referring someone once and then that's it. With AGLOCO, you get money for every one of your referrals every month as long as they all keep surfing the web with their toolbars. Do you know anyone who doesn't surf the web every single day? Neither do I. You can be pretty sure that everyone who signs up will keep earning money for you (and for themselves) month after month.

The other great thing about referring friends here is that they'll thank you because you are not selling them anything, you are giving them a way to get paid for doing the same thing they would do anyway. You can't argue with that. If you prefer to just get paid for your own surfing and not sign people up, that's OK too. It's up to you. It seems like a "no-brainer" to me that you would want to help your friends make money while making more of it yourself too.


Has there ever been anything like this before?

When I first heard of AGLOCO, it reminded me of how people used to get free Internet service a few years back. The ISP would allow you to connect for free as long as the small toolbar with ads was running on the bottom or side of the screen. As with this system, the toolbar was very thin and unobtrusive. I ignored the ads most of the tume unless they were for movie trailers (hence the example above) or if they were for big sales at stores that I shopped at anyway.

After doing research, I found out that there was another company about six years ago called AllAdvantage that worked the same way as AGLOCO. Some of the old AllAdvantage staff are involved with AGLOCO. It's too bad that AllAdvanatge became a victim of the dot com bust period back in 2001 when all the online advertising dried up for a few years (before rebounding to the staggering numbers it reaches now) or I am sure they would be still be going strong today.

So what are you looking for.

>>Click here to sign up<<

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