Friday, September 14, 2007

Show Skype Status in your Bloggger Blog

I have been always looking for ways to let my blog visitors to chat with me. But as you can't just install a plug-in in blogger, this task is not simple(or what I thought First). But this task was much simpler than downloading a Wordpress plug-in, uploading it to your Web host, activating it and playing with the options. The Skype button, as you see on the right took me only 2 minutes to put it there.There are more than one ways to show your Skype status, like a widget from Widget box, creating a flash button, etc. But i ruled them out because they could increase the load time of my blog, and i hate the link Widget box puts below the Button. So I ended up using the Skype's very own buttons. They provide you a bunch of option, and most of all you don't risk privacy. A decent two minutes on the site, and you will have your own Skype button installed on your blog.