Saturday, September 15, 2007

How to know how many readers a blog has:

When I saw the article of SmashingMagazine in which they were giving free gifts, they has more than 4000 comments. On the average they have only 100+ comments on their articles, but on this particular article every reader seemed to comment, which meant that not every reader comments. This made me wonder how many readers does SM have. As they don’t show their reader count, I had to see for myself and came with this trick.
This trick will help you know the number of readers of every blog that maintains it feeds with feedburner. Open notepad and write the following code in it

<img width="88=" height="26" alt=""style=="border: 0pt none ; "

Change the text in orange with that, of which you want to know the feed count.
Save the file as .htm and view it in browser.