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How to know how many readers a blog has:

When I saw the article of SmashingMagazine in which they were giving free gifts, they has more than 4000 comments. On the average they have only 100+ comments on their articles, but on this particular article every reader seemed to comment, which meant that not every reader comments. This made me wonder how many readers does SM have. As they don’t show their reader count, I had to see for myself and came with this trick.
This trick will help you know the number of readers of every blog that maintains it feeds with feedburner. Open notepad and write the following code in it

<img width="88=" height="26" alt=""style=="border: 0pt none ; "

Change the text in orange with that, of which you want to know the feed count.
Save the file as .htm and view it in browser.

Show Skype Status in your Bloggger Blog

I have been always looking for ways to let my blog visitors to chat with me. But as you can't just install a plug-in in blogger, this task is not simple(or what I thought First). But this task was much simpler than downloading a Wordpress plug-in, uploading it to your Web host, activating it and playing with the options. The Skype button, as you see on the right took me only 2 minutes to put it there.There are more than one ways to show your Skype status, like a widget from Widget box, creating a flash button, etc. But i ruled them out because they could increase the load time of my blog, and i hate the link Widget box puts below the Button. So I ended up using the Skype's very own buttons. They provide you a bunch of option, and most of all you don't risk privacy. A decent two minutes on the site, and you will have your own Skype button installed on your blog.

Search Flickr by color

So, you want to get some cool green images from Flickr for your green website, or you want to get blue ones to show everybody the love for blue. The Color Fields Colr Pickr webapp searches Flickr for images using only a color wheel. You don't need to do anything but to select the color you want to search for and see the rest happening before your eyes.

Found via (Lifehacker)

Turn your Windows XP PC into Vista

Many of us still think Vista is too Expensive and of course it is. Another bad thing about Vista is the compatibility. So, why don’t just turn our Windows XP into Vista.

I had installed Vista ultimate on my PC a Couple of months ago. I worked fine but I really hated it because:

* I was not able to install my Sound card on it.
* I was not able to Install Nero on it.
Read it here: (How we can turn our windows xp into vista.)