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Content writters are welcome

Sorry, But I wil not be available for at least a month, as I will be preparing for my examination.
Sorry dear readers. But I can't help it. Please do understand. But if you want to write for this blog, you can mail me at nebuz.i21{at}gmail{dot}com. The content can be anything that fits into the categories on the sidebar.
Please include your

Name :
E-Mail ID :
Website/Blog :

And interests :

Thank for being a part of this blog.

Share This like bookmarking Widget for Blogger

As I had written in my previous post that AddThis social bookmarking tool is best choice for blogs at The disadvantage is that we have to give an extra click for each time we bookmark a certain post using it. I had written in my previous post about social bookmarking widget for blogger. It was a big hit, but some of the bloggers want clean interface which that hack lacks to provide. It clutters the interface with lot of small icons. So here is a solution for the problem.
As you may have seen on most Wordpress blogs, there is a Share link, which once clicked gives a drop down menu with links to the most popular Social bookmarking Websites. For us Bloggers at, addthis has come up with a similar but faster tool. If you still don’t what I’m speaking about, see the live demo of the Wordpress’s Shrare link here (click on the share link to see) and bloggers AddThis Link here (Hover the mouse over bookmark link to see).

To have the same AddThis bookmark on you blog…

New Add-on Allows you Access Pownce from IM

The Twitter(which already has this feature) killer Pownce has become now more easily accessible after the release of the new add-on from IMfied which allows you to access Pownce even via Instant messengers. This allows you post messages, links and events right from you IM software. You also get IM alerts for new messages you get at pownce. IMfied has a bunch of other add-ons which allow you to take the most of your IM software, be it Yahoo, MSN, or AIM.

Flickr can moblog your photos for you

Flickr can serve as your one-stop hub for posting photos via email from a mobile device, while simultaneously auto-blogging each one at a wide variety of compatible services. Fortunately, setting this all up isn't very difficult.. Guys at Download squad tell you how to do that if you don't get the idea.

Click here to go the upload by e-mail page or got to then click on"Your Flickr upload email" and "Your blog upload email." You'll be prompted with a setup wizard that walks you through allowing Flickr to post to your blog and also add tags to your images when uploading via email.
Happy Moblogging

Submit Multiple URLs to Bookmarks as a Batch

If you have a tutorial site, especially of HTML or any other coding, then you know the pain it gives when you have to parse 10, 40 or even 100 lines of code one by one, or even use find and replace tools. Some people have exceptionally great skills to do it in seconds, but this if for the rest, and majority of bloggers. If you still don't understand what I'm talking about here is an example. Say you have to write a simple piece of code in your blog entry like
<html> </html>, you have to convert it first in the format

& l t;html&g t;& lt;/html & g t;

By now you may have understood what I'm talking about. It really makes sense for a blogger to look for an easier way to convert those hundreds of line of code into post friendly format i.e, that format of code which can be written in blogger posts. If you have seen any other tip pertaining to this topic, you may be told that only way to parse the code is to parse it manually or hire a professional to do…

Free Airtel GPRS is back and this time more rocking

Continued from Airtel GPRS is back

Free Airtel GPRS Again

After going through trials and errors, I have created new Airtel Free GPRS settings, but due to the following reasons I can't write them here:

* This blog is being monitored by Bharti Cellular (See the image as proof)

* Content stealers copy my settings and put them on their sites, as if they have created the Free Airtel GPRS settings themselves.

* Airtel will firewall the addresses I write here, again.

So, If you want the new settings, Let your e-mail ID come in the comments section below.
Note: Write your email IDs in this format name{at}gmail{dot}com so that your e-mail ID doesn't come in Search engines like google.
I will mail the setting to you as soon as possible, but the keeps those secret for your own benefit.

After you get the free Airtel GPRS settings, follow these steps:
Open the Connection Settings in your Mobile.Create a new connection and name it as Airtel GPRS or any other name.Type in the malled Proxy Server addre…

Anarchy at the Theatre, an Extensive report

Disclaimer: Before I start, I'd like to say that any damage caused by this document is not my fault and if you get beaten up doing anything in this document, it's not my fault. If you read this document, you're responsible for the results - not me. Basically, it's not my fault.

Caution: This is only for people who draw sadistic pleasure from the pain and suffering of others. By reading this article, you have agreed to be part of the socialist proletariat anarchist revolution.

People are always telling me I have a loud voice, so I decided to put it to good use. I didn't create this technique, but I refined it. The art has existed since the dawn of the motion pictures - what I've done is only get the whole act together and define, refine and per¬fect the fine art of public heckling.

Very rarely will you come across a movie that inspires you and makes you think. We live in an era of vacuous entertainment that is care¬fully constructed to mimic the real world and ext…

iPhone unlocked using SIM cloning

It's not a consumer-friendly hack, but some of the uber hackers over on the hackint0sh forum have figured out a way to use other carrier's SIM cards in the iPhone using some SIM cloning techniques. The method was posted by a person claiming the device now completely works with service in Croatia.

Hopefully a reader who understands more about this stuff can correct me, but I'll take a pass at explaining how this works. First off, the SIM in your device is like a small computer. In addition to storing a small amount of data, it also contains a mechanism for performing a challenge-response sequence using an internal secret key, which is how the carrier detects if your SIM is a legitimate card and hasn't been tampered with. This key, referred to as Ki, cannot be read from the card, so the only way to obtain it is to get it from the carrier (not a chance), or by way of a brute force attack (takes 4 or 5 hours).

So, with the hack, you use some special hardware to extract the c…

310+ Essential readings, tools and Resources for Bloggers

I was looking for them and then I found them at Problogger, mashable and others from Matt Huggins. While some of you might be aware of some of them, for others it may be a new world. But then these tips help everyone.

Essential Readings

Can You Make a Living Blogging? (Graywolf SEO)Five Beginner’s Blogging Tips (John Chow)The First 7 Days of Blogging (Pronet Advertising)Put on Your Game Face (Pronet Advertising)How to “Announce” a Blog (Blog Traffic School)How to Use Social News Aggregators as a Source for Content Ideas (Dosh Dosh)5 Ways to Building a Better Blog (Pronet Advertising)Bring Your A-game to Write for Blogs (Freelance Switch)What Are You Learning from Leading Edge SEO Bloggers? (Graywolf SEO)How Great Headlines Score Traffic (Copyblogger)10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas that Work (Copyblogger)Declaring War on Blogger Apathy (ProBlogger)How to Market Your Blog in 2007 (ProBlogger)21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (SEOmoz)Five Steps to a Truly Unique Blog That Attracts Reader…

Who visits your website or blog

From analyzing your RSS feed to counting page views to visual representations of where your visitors are clicking, there is no shortage of companies looking to help you better understand your web site’s traffic. In our latest “toolbox” installment, we analyze (pun intended) the wide variety of applications and tools available for keeping tabs on how your sites, feeds, blogs, emails, or even your intranet is performing.

As with our other toolbox articles, we encourage you to add other applicable links in the comments area.Web Traffic VisualizationVisualization tools use a variety of methods to show you where users are clicking on the individual pages of your Web site to help you make design adjustments that emphasize the right links and content.ClickTracks - Enterprise analytics software, shows visitor navigation directly on your site’s pages.Crazy Egg - Provides visual “Heat Maps” to show where your visitors are clicking. Indextools - Provides web-based analytics package featuring rea…

Hackers bite into "cookies" to plunder user data from websites

Hackers and computer security specialists gathered in Las Vegas on Friday took aim at popular social networking websites, exposing ways to plunder data from software "cookies" used to track users. Revelations made at an international gathering of hackers dubbed DefCon come as Internet rivals Google, Microsoft, and Ask acquire firms that rely on cookies to better target money-making online ads. "Websites could easily fix the problem by encrypting cookies," Errata Security chief executive Robert Graham told AFP.

US college student Rick Deacon arrived at DefCon on Friday ready to demonstrate how to use trickery and software skills to steal enough information from MySpace users' cookies to commandeer their profile pages.

"You can become them on MySpace; basically hijack accounts left and right," Deacon told AFP.

The attack relies on duping MySpace users into clicking on a rigged link, perhaps in an online forum or bulletin board that routes them to a file th…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 24 easy steps:

Almost all blogs/websites speak of SEO but little do they tell about it. I myself shuffled through hundreds of sites to know more about SEO but all they tell you is to use the keywords you want to rank for, as many time as you can. While I except it is very important for SEO but there are still many other things you want to know when designing a niche site and when Search engine optimizing it.

When designing niche sites, your only 3 objectives to know/do are:

a) How competitive is it. IE: If you type 2 or 3 keywords into google of your niche, and you see 80 million other pages, then ranking on first page for that niche is highly unlikely. Of course it's possible, but that would imply for you get into SEO learning 24/7. Of course we don't have time for that right!

b) Decide what keyword phrase you want to rank high for. What I mean by this is: What would uncle Sam have to type into Google so that your site is seen on first page? Let's suppose your niche site is about "ho…