Friday, July 20, 2007

Yahoo takes less Time than google to Load

Hey! This is serious. Google Takes more time to load than Yahoo. Now this Doesn't matter much, but for those who hate google (I am not one of those),this makes them laugh about google. What does the home page of google contain, only a colorful logo and a form and why it takes time to load. Compared to Yahoo which contains relatively more images, Google should load faster but it is the other way round. If you don't believe me check for yourself.
I know it is not clearly visible, try testing for your self at
In my test average speed of google was 0.17 secs and that of Yahoo was 0.07 secs.
You can also use this website to check your own website's speed and load time and help your readers by tweaking your website's layout and source code to speed up the page download.
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