Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ubisoft Developing Avatar Game

James Cameron and 20th Century Fox's upcoming high-tech 3-D SF movie Avatar is being adapted into a video game by Ubisoft, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Capping an extensive yearlong runoff among four game companies that presented creative briefs, Cameron selected the French game publisher to develop a next-generation video game to be released alongside the film in May 2009.

For Ubisoft, the deal with Fox and Cameron represents the company's biggest bet yet on a movie property, even eclipsing the terms of its landmark deal with Peter Jackson and Universal for the game based on King Kong.

Avatar, Cameron's first fictional feature film in more than a decade, tells the story of Jake (Sam Worthington), an ex-Marine who persists in an alien world as an avatar, a human mind in an alien body. The concept is similar to that in many video games, in which a player creates a virtual manifestation of himself or herself, often referred to as an avatar.

While yet to be confirmed, it is expected that all the actors from the film, including Sigourney Weaver, will reprise their roles in the video-game version.

(via Scifi)