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iPhone Hack: EDGE internet on your laptop

iphone hacks
Recent developments have allowed iPhone hackers to compile background applications for the iPhone - among the most interesting so far is srelay, a SOCKS proxy server.

srelay running on your iPhone opens up a very exciting possibility - you can use your iPhone's EDGE connection with a laptop or other Wifi-enabled device.

A note of caution: Accessing your EDGE data plan through a laptop may be against your AT&T terms of service. Even modifying your iPhone to enable this service may be a violation. Please check before attempting this procedure.

Currently these instructions only work for Windows - as I don't have a Mac I can't really test anything on that side. I was hoping a blindly created script would work but it does not appear to.
Hit the right-chevron button to go into the IP settings.
Hit the "Static" button on the top and fill in the settings.

Make sure to set the IP address to one on the same subnet as your laptop, here I use and the subnet mask should be the same as well. Leave all other spaces blank.

Now set whatever application you want to use to use the SOCKS proxy at port 1080. In Firefox this is under Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings. You'll also have to head into about:config (type that in your URL bar), type in socks_remote to the search bar, and double-click that setting to change it to true.

In Mac OSX, NerveGas reports that you can set a system-wide proxy:

1. Go into your laptop's network preferences
2. Double-click the AirPort connection to bring up the proeprties
3. Click the TCP/IP Tab
4. Select "Manually" from "Configure IPv4"
Enter the IP address:, subnet mask
5. Click the 'Proxies' tab.
Scroll down the list of proxy servers until you come to "SOCKS Proxy"
Check the checkbox, and in the "SOCKS Proxy Server" box to the right,
enter the IP address of the iPhone:, and a port number
of 1080.
6. Click 'Apply Now' for the changes to take effect

Your iPhone should be giving you Internet access now! Browse happy.

For Mac users, epogue posts:
I created a package that, hopefully, should get everybody working properly on OS X. You might still need to set chmod +x on because of the unarchiver. I haven't tested that yet.

Also, if you're getting the AFC error, try using the jailbreak bundled with the tetherkit. That's how I got mine to work.

Mad props to:
- ziel (for writing Jailbreak)
- NerveGas (for compiling these programs for iPhone)
- Nightwatch (for making a working iPhone compiler)
And the rest of the #iphone dev team. Also thanks to the writers of srelay!

I've done my best to make the procedure as simple as possible. You must first have run jailbreak on your phone - you need to go through the custom ringtone tutorial minus the part where you add ringtones (though you still can add ringtones if you want).

Now that your iPhone is freed from its jailed shackles, download the iPhone Tethering Kit and extract its contents to a folder on your hard drive.

Now double-click "tetherify-windows.bat" if you're on Windows, or if you're on Mac OSX (Intel procs only), open a Terminal and run "".

Follow the instructions that appear - here's what you will see:

Hello, this batch file will install and enable a SOCKS server on your iPhone.

--------PHASE 1: Getting files off your iPhone---------

1 file(s) copied.
iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007

Waiting for phone... established.
iPhone state: Activated
type "help" for help
iPhone:/# iPhone:/usr/sbin# fileref: 1
iPhone:/usr/sbin# iPhone:/System/Library/LaunchDaemons# fileref: 1
iPhone:/System/Library/LaunchDaemons# 1 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.

--------PHASE 2: Uploading files and reconfiguring your iPhone---------

iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007

Waiting for phone... established.
iPhone state: Activated
type "help" for help
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
--------PHASE 3: Restarting your iPhone, twice---------

Press and hold the Power button on your iPhone until it shows the "slide to turn off" red slider.
Slide it, wait for the phone to turn off, and press the power button to turn it on again.
Then do it again. When your iPhone has started up the second time, press a key to continue.
Press any key to continue . . .

--------PHASE 4: Restoring original update configuration---------

1 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.
iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007

Waiting for phone... established.
iPhone state: Activated
type "help" for help
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# fileref: 1
iPhone:/# ---------DONE!--------

It's kind of a mess of things. There is no error-checking, so if you see "fileref: 0" in any of the output, that's how you know something went wrong. Otherwise it all should have gone just fine.

Congratulations! You now have an open SOCKS server on your iPhone.

To utilize it, you need to create an ad-hoc Wifi network without a router. This way the iPhone will remain connected to both EDGE and your laptop.

Wireless clients between Mac OSX, Windows XP, and Windows Vista vary, but the concept is the same. Create an ad-hoc network with your laptop, preferably using encryption.

Then set your IP address to a static address, without a default gateway. In Windows XP and Vista you can run this command:

netsh interface ip set address "Wireless Network Conenction" static

You would substitute "Wireless Network Connection" with the name of your wifi adapter if it's named something different.

Then use your iPhone's Settings panel to join to the ad-hoc network you created:

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