Friday, July 6, 2007

Best Blogging Hosts

So many of you may be already familiar with the most popular blogging hosts like "google's blogger" and "Wordpress". But there are a number of other blogging hosts who provide much more options than these platforms. Let us take a look at some of them. Click on the images to visit the respective website.

1.) This doesn't need any introduction. Probably the best host in the world.
Pros: Insert html/javascript with ease, fully customizable CSS, good available templates, can be used with custom domains.
Cons: Less resources available as compared to wordpress.

2.)Wordpress is open source means its source code id freely available and you can be its developer too. It provides both free as well as paid services.
Pros: Downloadable, has vast directory of plugins and templates, Great support available.
Cons: Little bit tough till you get used to it, and Css not customizable in free blogs.

3.) A good blogging host and also one of the earliest in this field. It is designed for individuals as well as communities.

4.) Multiply had blog/photo/video/audio embeds when the other guys were one dimensional. Multiply is the only free blogging host with a built-in communication subsystem to enable private, network or public publishing.