Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top Ten Incredibly useful Sites

Today I bunked my classes and stayed at home to discover some new sites which most people don't know about, I have come across this list of top ten sites(Hey hey I have myself made this list) which are incredibly useful. If you know about any other site please post it in comments section.

SphereSite. The site where you can find innovative interfaces based on SphereXP - the world's number one three-dimensional desktop. Feel free to download and try out any of the projects. The two currently existing applications are SphereXP and SphereXPlorer.

LifeTips offers free tips, advice and informational how-to guides on hundreds of subjects ranging from health and beauty to love and dating to cooking and ...the list goes on.....

A part of New York times Company, This site contains all the information about anything.



This site doesn't need any introduction. If you are a designer junkie, this one is for you.


Understood from name......Isn't it.
7.) Google sets Only few know about this. Type in some keyword and search, and get some really relevant results e.g. Searching for 'yahoo' and 'google' gave me an entire list of search engines.

8.) web pages that suck
If you are a web designer, must visit for you then. This site teaches you what really bad design is and what you shouldn't do when designing a website.

When you have nothing to do online, comes to rescue.
Caution: Use this website when you are really bored, otherwise this site looks non-sense.

10.) blogger guide
Ultimate guide to the googleblogger