Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Time to forget PHOTOSHOP !

Now time to get Paintshop Pro X
What's that? Don't know what Corel PaintShop Pro X is? Well, it's nearest competitor is Adobe Photoshop - and in fact, most of the people who use it consider it vastly superior to Photoshop.

Generally speaking, it's a bit easier to use and the interface is nicer. It can do just about everything Photoshop can - and has lots of features PS doesn't have! It seems like it's also "faster" to work with than Photoshop. Undos are done almost instantly, the program loads fast, and it really responds quickly to your commands. It also makes it easy to adjust the different layers on your image - much more "point-and-click" then Photoshop.

As for ease of use, it really has that covered! There are things it does with a single mouse click that take me a half-dozen steps to do in Photoshop! And the results are stunning!

When it comes to imaging software, this is really one of the big boys. No matter what you want to do with a photo, this will cover it. We're not just talking sharpening, red-eye removal, cropping, contrast, and color balance here. This does all of the basics really well, but can also let you take your imaging to the next level! From restoring old photos and colorizing B&W images to adjusting histograms and color channels, this can do it. Check these out:

With a click Paint Shop Pro analyzes your photo and makes suggested corrections. Then, you can change the corrections to suit your tastes.

Makeover Tools remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brush on a suntan, and remove wrinkles.

One-click Red-eye removal - Even works on pets!

With more than 500 special effects, more than anyone else, Paint Shop Pro is sure to have the effect you need so you can create the look you want.

The Object Remover makes it easy to remove unwanted or difficult to clone portions of images and fills in the removed detail with portions of the remaining photo.

Includes the High Pass Filter, one of the industry's most popular ways to sharpen digital photos.

Black & White and Infrared Conversion filters make is easy to create B&W photos and even infrared simulated images!

The One-Step Noise Fix removes digital camera noise or excess graininess with one click.

Supports 16-bit functionality, which allows you to work with thousands of shades per color rather than the 8-bit limit of 256 shades.

Browser offers a Zoom slider for adjusting thumbnail previews, EXIF editing, direct download from digital cameras, and more.

Move and resize elements of your image on the fly with the Pick Tool (very sweet - wait till you try it)

You can cut people out of photos and drop them onto new backgrounds easily with the Background Eraser.

And WAY, way More!!

What's nice about this program, it isn't just imaging that's covered - this also has tons of ways for you to actually DO STUFF with your photos. You can easily make your own cards, cartoons, scrapbooks, graphics, clipart - and TONS more! Just look:

After seeing all this software can do, I can tell why people prefer it to Photoshop. You have all the power - and a lot more stuff the average person can use :-) Plus, the deal on this - even at full price - is so much better than you get with Photoshop.
So What are you waiting for, Download it now.