Monday, June 25, 2007

Top List of Web applications

According to Wikipedia " In software engineering, a Web application or webapp is an application that is accessed via web over a network such as the Internet or an intranet."

" Web applications are popular due to the ubiquity of a client, sometimes called a thin client. The ability to update and maintain Web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers is a key reason for their popularity. Web applications are used to implement Webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, wikis, discussion boards, Weblogs, MMORPGs and many other functions."

So Now you Know What Actually Webapps are. Why not now look for these apps to trigger your website to its maximum. I provide you the best source for the webapps you will ever need. has a wide range of webapps broadly classified in catalogs within the headings
1.) Event Planning
2.) Trading
3.) Food
4.) Podcasts
5.) Selling
6.) Social Bookmals and Tags
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