Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Download Videos from YOUTUBE

As i promised, in this post i shall show you how to download videos from youtube.com . Actually their are hundreds of sites out there which provide you with free video Downloads. ifilm, break.com, putfile, only to name a few.
Now first, If you want to download videos only from youtube(I know you want). Here is the simplest Hack;

Hack # 1) KISS Youtube

Kiss means KEEP IT SWEET AND SIMPLE. Now if you have a video open on your screen and you want to download it, just put 'kiss' before youtube in the address bar. The address should look Like this:

Downloading should begin as soon as you hit "ENTER".

What if you want to download videos from other sites this one is for you.

Hack # 2) Keep the videos with keepvid

All you need to download any video from any damn site is to 'copy the URL and paste it in keepvid.com' and press that ugly download link button to see your favorite videos downloading to your PC. This is not all, they also provide tools you will need to convert the downloaded videos and even to play them on your Compy.

Hack # 3) Let the softwares do every thing

If you think that these hacks are just headache, you can feel relieved because tube hunter lets you download videos in a jiffy(Only Press F5). This is the easiest one to download videos. Download Now