Friday, December 14, 2007

Make Money just by surfing the internet

AGLOCO is a company that is taking the blogosphere and the entire Internet by storm for one simple reason - it is the only way you can earn money online by doing what you already do - simply surfing the web.

The company is brand new and it's exciting to be involved with an Internet company right from the beginning. If you join AGLOCO now, you can be the one to tell all your friends and blog readers and get them involved too. Wouldn't it have been cool to be the first person in your group to introduce everyone to Google, YouTube, or MySpace? Don't miss out on the chance this time!


Yes, it costs nothing to sign up with AGLOCO. AGLOCO pays you!

Where does the money come from? The money that AGLOCO uses to pay you, me, and the rest of the members comes from the advertisers. Advertisers today crave to be able to put out their messages to highly targeted audiences. This model delivers that ability effortlessly. For example, if you are viewing a site about movies, then it only makes sense that you would be interested in a movie trailer ad for a movie that will be opening that weekend.

Here's the second best part about AGLOCO. (The first part is that it costs nothing to join). You don't have to click on any ads in order to earn the money! You can completely ignore the ads if you want to. In fact, you can even minimize the toolbar if you don't want it on your screen for some reason. Remember, though, you want to earn money so you will want to keep the toolbar up while you are surfing. Since the ads are targeted, they may be of interest to you anyway so you just may want to click on them, but you have no obligation to do so.

How AGLOCO Works

Members simply download a viewbar that stays open while they are using the Internet. The viewbar is about the same size as toolbars you may have already added to your browsers for other applications such as the Google toolbar, the RoboForm toolbar, the Alexa toolbar, the AOL toolbar, or the StumbleUpon toolbar. See the screenshot at the bottom of the page to see how little room the viewbar actually takes up. You may have to look closely. The AGLOCO symbol is in the bottom left above the start button and if you look across you can see that the ad is a movie trailer for SpiderMan 3.

AGLOCO will be generating money for its members in several ways. A few are listed here, more detail is available on the AGLOCO site.

  • Search: The viewbar has an Internet search box. Search engines pay referral fees to companies when search results are served. (Bet you didn't know you have been generating money for someone else every time you used a search box on a non-search engine site.)
  • Ads - As described above, ads complementing the website your on are available via the toolbar.
  • Commision - If a member buys something online as a result of viewing an ad, the company earns a commission.

Make More Money With AGLOCO

As if this isn't an interesting enough opportunity already, you can make even more money from AGLOCO by referring your friends. This is so much better than regular affiliate programs. In most programs, you get a dollar or two for referring someone once and then that's it. With AGLOCO, you get money for every one of your referrals every month as long as they all keep surfing the web with their toolbars. Do you know anyone who doesn't surf the web every single day? Neither do I. You can be pretty sure that everyone who signs up will keep earning money for you (and for themselves) month after month.

The other great thing about referring friends here is that they'll thank you because you are not selling them anything, you are giving them a way to get paid for doing the same thing they would do anyway. You can't argue with that. If you prefer to just get paid for your own surfing and not sign people up, that's OK too. It's up to you. It seems like a "no-brainer" to me that you would want to help your friends make money while making more of it yourself too.


Has there ever been anything like this before?

When I first heard of AGLOCO, it reminded me of how people used to get free Internet service a few years back. The ISP would allow you to connect for free as long as the small toolbar with ads was running on the bottom or side of the screen. As with this system, the toolbar was very thin and unobtrusive. I ignored the ads most of the tume unless they were for movie trailers (hence the example above) or if they were for big sales at stores that I shopped at anyway.

After doing research, I found out that there was another company about six years ago called AllAdvantage that worked the same way as AGLOCO. Some of the old AllAdvantage staff are involved with AGLOCO. It's too bad that AllAdvanatge became a victim of the dot com bust period back in 2001 when all the online advertising dried up for a few years (before rebounding to the staggering numbers it reaches now) or I am sure they would be still be going strong today.

So what are you looking for.

>>Click here to sign up<<

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ShareThis for blogger

On this blog I have been speaking lot about the social bookmarking icons for blogger. I have even written a couplee of articles showing how to put them in blogger blogs. I heve shown you how to add AddThis to blogger and also to put multiple icons. This new one, this time officially launched by the people behind original ShareThis plugin for WordPress, is the best of all.
you can even track your bookmarking code and save preferences with this widget. But it is still in development. Visit the official blog of ShareThis for more details and stay in touch with the rest of the development. ShareThis is available for Websites as well as Browsers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Add footer sections to Blogger/Blogspot blogs

I wanted to edit my template a bit because I hate the speed of loading. My solution? I added a new Footer section.I have my blog arranged so the posts load first, then the sidebars, and my cellar loads last. So, unless you are a speed reader, by the time you reach the footer, it is fully loaded. No waiting.
My cellar is defined by a horizontal line with text across the top and a horizontal line across the bottom. This is how it appears on the Page Elements page.

Not only does it contain the 3 column area, it contains a full width column before and after the last horizontal line!

As always, it is a good idea to save your template before starting.

Now, add this code to the CSS sheet between :
#footer-column-container {
.footer-column {
padding: 10px;
.footer-bottom {
padding: 10px;

Next find this code:

<div id='footer-wrapper'>
<b:section class='footer' id='footer'/>

Replace <b:section class='footer' id='footer'/> with this code:

<div id='footer-column-container'>

<div style='clear:both;'/>

<hr align='center' color='#cccccc' width='90%'/>

<div id="footer2" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px; WIDTH: 33%; TEXT-ALIGN: left">
<b:section class="footer-column" id="col1" style="FLOAT: left" preferred="yes">
<b:widget id="HTML1" title="" type="HTML" locked="false"></b:widget>

<div id="footer3" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px; WIDTH: 33%; TEXT-ALIGN: left">
<b:section class="footer-column" id="col2" style="FLOAT: left" preferred="yes">
<b:widget id="HTML2 locked=" title="" type="HTML"></b:widget>

<div id="footer4" style="FLOAT: right; MARGIN: 0px; WIDTH: 33%; TEXT-ALIGN: left">
<b:section class="footer-column" id="col3" style="FLOAT: right" preferred="yes">
<b:widget id="HTML3" title="" type="HTML" locked="false"></b:widget>

<div style="CLEAR: both">

<div id="footer-bottom" style="PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 10px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px; TEXT-TRANSFORM: lowercase; PADDING-TOP: 10px; TEXT-ALIGN: center">
<b:section class="footer" id="col-top" preferred="yes">
<b:widget id="HTML4" title="" type="HTML" locked="false"></b:widget>

<hr align="center" width="90%" color="#cccccc">
<div id="footer-bottom" style="PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 10px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px; TEXT-TRANSFORM: lowercase; PADDING-TOP: 10px; TEXT-ALIGN: center">

<b:section class="footer" id="col-bottom" preferred="yes">
<b:widget id="HTML5" title="" type="HTML" locked="false"></b:widget>

<div style="CLEAR: both">
You can name your footer here or remove this code if you don't want text. You can also change the color of the horizontal line.

Save your template. Depending on your blog, you may have to change some of the widgets from HTML1 to a different HTML 15. Just depends upon what type of widgets you have in your blog. Remember you can always delete the widget and put in a different type later. This is just to get the code in place.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Need for Speed ProStreet Screenshots

Checkout these pics of the Newly launched NFS ProStreet.

October 3, 2007

October 3, 2007

October 3, 2007

October 3, 2007

September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007

August 25, 2007

August 25, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

How to know how many readers a blog has:

When I saw the article of SmashingMagazine in which they were giving free gifts, they has more than 4000 comments. On the average they have only 100+ comments on their articles, but on this particular article every reader seemed to comment, which meant that not every reader comments. This made me wonder how many readers does SM have. As they don’t show their reader count, I had to see for myself and came with this trick.
This trick will help you know the number of readers of every blog that maintains it feeds with feedburner. Open notepad and write the following code in it

<img width="88=" height="26" alt=""style=="border: 0pt none ; "

Change the text in orange with that, of which you want to know the feed count.
Save the file as .htm and view it in browser.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Show Skype Status in your Bloggger Blog

I have been always looking for ways to let my blog visitors to chat with me. But as you can't just install a plug-in in blogger, this task is not simple(or what I thought First). But this task was much simpler than downloading a Wordpress plug-in, uploading it to your Web host, activating it and playing with the options. The Skype button, as you see on the right took me only 2 minutes to put it there.There are more than one ways to show your Skype status, like a widget from Widget box, creating a flash button, etc. But i ruled them out because they could increase the load time of my blog, and i hate the link Widget box puts below the Button. So I ended up using the Skype's very own buttons. They provide you a bunch of option, and most of all you don't risk privacy. A decent two minutes on the site, and you will have your own Skype button installed on your blog.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Search Flickr by color

So, you want to get some cool green images from Flickr for your green website, or you want to get blue ones to show everybody the love for blue. The Color Fields Colr Pickr webapp searches Flickr for images using only a color wheel. You don't need to do anything but to select the color you want to search for and see the rest happening before your eyes.

Found via (Lifehacker)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Turn your Windows XP PC into Vista

Many of us still think Vista is too Expensive and of course it is. Another bad thing about Vista is the compatibility. So, why don’t just turn our Windows XP into Vista.

I had installed Vista ultimate on my PC a Couple of months ago. I worked fine but I really hated it because:

* I was not able to install my Sound card on it.
* I was not able to Install Nero on it.
Read it here: (How we can turn our windows xp into vista.)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Content writters are welcome

Sorry, But I wil not be available for at least a month, as I will be preparing for my examination.
Sorry dear readers. But I can't help it. Please do understand. But if you want to write for this blog, you can mail me at nebuz.i21{at}gmail{dot}com. The content can be anything that fits into the categories on the sidebar.
Please include your

Name :
E-Mail ID :
Website/Blog :

And interests :

Thank for being a part of this blog.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Share This like bookmarking Widget for Blogger

As I had written in my previous post that AddThis social bookmarking tool is best choice for blogs at The disadvantage is that we have to give an extra click for each time we bookmark a certain post using it. I had written in my previous post about social bookmarking widget for blogger. It was a big hit, but some of the bloggers want clean interface which that hack lacks to provide. It clutters the interface with lot of small icons. So here is a solution for the problem.
As you may have seen on most Wordpress blogs, there is a Share link, which once clicked gives a drop down menu with links to the most popular Social bookmarking Websites. For us Bloggers at, addthis has come up with a similar but faster tool. If you still don’t what I’m speaking about, see the live demo of the Wordpress’s Shrare link here (click on the share link to see) and bloggers AddThis Link here (Hover the mouse over bookmark link to see).

AddThis for blogger

To have the same AddThis bookmark on you blog, first you have to decide where to place the button. The code for the button is

<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button BEGIN -->
<script type="text/javascript">
addthis_url = location.href;
addthis_title = document.title;
addthis_pub = 'Your AddThis ID here';
</script><script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>
<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button END -->

If you want to put the code at the end of every post, put the above code after the below code


If you want it the same place as on this blog, add the code after the below code

Save you template and View your Blog.

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Add-on Allows you Access Pownce from IM

IMfiedThe Twitter(which already has this feature) killer Pownce has become now more easily accessible after the release of the new add-on from IMfied which allows you to access Pownce even via Instant messengers. This allows you post messages, links and events right from you IM software. You also get IM alerts for new messages you get at pownce. IMfied has a bunch of other add-ons which allow you to take the most of your IM software, be it Yahoo, MSN, or AIM.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flickr can moblog your photos for you

Flickr can serve as your one-stop hub for posting photos via email from a mobile device, while simultaneously auto-blogging each one at a wide variety of compatible services. Fortunately, setting this all up isn't very difficult.. Guys at Download squad tell you how to do that if you don't get the idea.

Click here to go the upload by e-mail page or got to then click on"Your Flickr upload email" and "Your blog upload email." You'll be prompted with a setup wizard that walks you through allowing Flickr to post to your blog and also add tags to your images when uploading via email.
Happy Moblogging

Friday, August 10, 2007

Submit Multiple URLs to Bookmarks as a Batch

If you have a tutorial site, especially of HTML or any other coding, then you know the pain it gives when you have to parse 10, 40 or even 100 lines of code one by one, or even use find and replace tools. Some people have exceptionally great skills to do it in seconds, but this if for the rest, and majority of bloggers. If you still don't understand what I'm talking about here is an example. Say you have to write a simple piece of code in your blog entry like
<html> </html>, you have to convert it first in the format

& l t; html &g t; & lt; /html & g t;

By now you may have understood what I'm talking about. It really makes sense for a blogger to look for an easier way to convert those hundreds of line of code into post friendly format i.e, that format of code which can be written in blogger posts. If you have seen any other tip pertaining to this topic, you may be told that only way to parse the code is to parse it manually or hire a professional to do that(can you really afford it). Thats is a history now. Meet the Postable, the small app to convert your post unfriendly code in to friendly one. Created by Elliot Swan, this is the best app for code bloggers. Once you are there, copy/ paste your entire code and click on MAKE IT FRIENDLY, in a jiffy your code will be converted into blog post friendly format. And again copy the friendly code and paste it in your blog posts. This app rightly says "For you copy/ Pasting pleasure"

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Free Airtel GPRS is back and this time more rocking

Continued from Airtel GPRS is back

Free Airtel GPRS Again

After going through trials and errors, I have created new Airtel Free GPRS settings, but due to the following reasons I can't write them here:

* This blog is being monitored by Bharti Cellular (See the image as proof)

* Content stealers copy my settings and put them on their sites, as if they have created the Free Airtel GPRS settings themselves.

* Airtel will firewall the addresses I write here, again.

Free airtel gprs

So, If you want the new settings, Let your e-mail ID come in the comments section below.
Note: Write your email IDs in this format name{at}gmail{dot}com so that your e-mail ID doesn't come in Search engines like google.
I will mail the setting to you as soon as possible, but the keeps those secret for your own benefit.

After you get the free Airtel GPRS settings, follow these steps:
  • Open the Connection Settings in your Mobile.
  • Create a new connection and name it as Airtel GPRS or any other name.
  • Type in the malled Proxy Server address and proxy port number.
  • Save the settings and use the GPRS.
Update August 2008: The Airtel Free GPRS has stopped working again. But, stay tuned and stay subscribed to get them as soon as we get them. Enter your email on this form to subscribe to latest updates from this blog

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Anarchy at the Theatre, an Extensive report

Disclaimer: Before I start, I'd like to say that any damage caused by this document is not my fault and if you get beaten up doing anything in this document, it's not my fault. If you read this document, you're responsible for the results - not me. Basically, it's not my fault.

This is only for people who draw sadistic pleasure from the pain and suffering of others. By reading this article, you have agreed to be part of the socialist proletariat anarchist revolution.

People are always telling me I have a loud voice, so I decided to put it to good use. I didn't create this technique, but I refined it. The art has existed since the dawn of the motion pictures - what I've done is only get the whole act together and define, refine and per¬fect the fine art of public heckling.

Very rarely will you come across a movie that inspires you and makes you think. We live in an era of vacuous entertainment that is care¬fully constructed to mimic the real world and extract money from our pockets. Movies are a global industry devoted to maintaining a web of bulls hit stereotypes, assumptions, contra¬dictions, and moronism spewing like diarrhoea on the screen. Fight the power! Raeg Against The Machien!

Of course, there are gems worth watching. Fight Club was a brilliant movie, and I sat and watched it without disturbing anybody. This accounts for a maximum of 1% of all Movies movies. This is for the other 99%.


1. Sit in the balcony - it's safer - but if you're brave and don't mind the challenge, sit in the stalls - it's a lot more fun there. The risk makes it more fun.

2. Do not take the first three rows, because many people can't hear you and you'll have a neck ache by the end of the movie. Try to get centre-row-centre, so more people can hear your performance.

3. Learn annoying techniques of coughing, screaming, clapping, laughing, whistling, commenting, and so on.

4. Carry a mobile phone, the mystic secrets of which I'll explain later.

5. Go in a large group of anarchists like yourself. People don't mess with a large group.


Coughing - Coughing is a personal Favorite of mine. Firstly, nobody asks you to shut the **** up while you're coughing, and you can be as loud, annoying and sick-sounding as you want. Coughing aloud with pain and suffering is an art, which you might have to practice a bit. The key is to sound like a lung cancer patient suffering from a heart attack, gargling blood and phlegm while drawing deep asthmatic breaths. It's just like singing, only more refined and artistic. Use your sense of comic timing to cough during romantic scenes or when the actor is about to bone the actress.

Screaming - Screaming is a powerful tool we all possess but are afraid to use. Screaming techniques are unique, so develop your own. I personally use the Help - I'm - an - ugIy- banshee - being – raped ¬- by - Robin-Hood scream. I can't possibly describe this scream in any other way. You have to feel every moment to scream at the opportune time, lest the suspense of the movie enthral you. Experiment wher¬ever and whenever you feel it could work. Trust your instincts, Luke.

Clapping - Clapping is a driving force in any theatre, as there'll be at least ten other people who'll join the bandwagon and blindly clap with you. Clap loudly whenever you feel like it, clap at crappy dialogues, at witty monologues, love-making scenes, intervals, trailers, and those short movies made by the National Films Association. Clap because your life force demands it. Let the magic of movie-making guide your spirit.

Fun With Laser Pointers - Laser Point¬ers are the shit. Get about four to five of them and play this game we call "Shoot the crotch". The rule to this game is to keep the pointer focused at the crotch during the entire movie. This can be a very challenging game, and a fantastic boredom avoidance device. Use these technological won¬ders to distract audiences - let' em know where you're really looking.

Commenting - This is our second favourite. It's second only because there's a risk of being beaten up attached to it. We've been threatened twice in the theatre for this and almost got beaten up once. So caution with this one. A few catch phrases that will never get old:
Stop the Pain! Make it Stop, God!
Bastard! Don’t you have mother or Sister at Home.


A movie is a great time to check out the ringer tone in your cell phone, pretend someone just called you and narrate the entire movie to them. This will piss people off to the extent that you may be kicked out of the movie. Always keep this gag for the end of the movie. Get lots of popcorn and keep throwing it over the edge on the people in the stalls. This creates havoc down below, and you're still safe up here.
Caution: Don't look down first. Wait for someone else to do that mis¬take.
Come up with your own freaky, insane, irritating ideas and mail them to me via at nebuz.i21{at}gmail{dot}com

iPhone unlocked using SIM cloning

It's not a consumer-friendly hack, but some of the uber hackers over on the hackint0sh forum have figured out a way to use other carrier's SIM cards in the iPhone using some SIM cloning techniques. The method was posted by a person claiming the device now completely works with service in Croatia.

Hopefully a reader who understands more about this stuff can correct me, but I'll take a pass at explaining how this works. First off, the SIM in your device is like a small computer. In addition to storing a small amount of data, it also contains a mechanism for performing a challenge-response sequence using an internal secret key, which is how the carrier detects if your SIM is a legitimate card and hasn't been tampered with. This key, referred to as Ki, cannot be read from the card, so the only way to obtain it is to get it from the carrier (not a chance), or by way of a brute force attack (takes 4 or 5 hours).

So, with the hack, you use some special hardware to extract the carrier information from your network's SIM and the AT&T SIM. You also brute force the Ki value for your SIM. Then, you program a new SIM with your carrier's data, as well as some atypical functionality. This special programming on your cloned SIM card returns the network identifier (IMSI) of the AT&T SIM for the first few tries, and then continues to function as your normal carrier's SIM. I'm presuming this is to trick the iPhone into accepting your card as an AT&T SIM during boot, but then switching back to the alternate SIM when it connects to the network.

Long story short, it's quite a lot of crud to have to wade through just to use a $600 phone in Vermont, Croatia, or anywhere else on the planet you desire to reside.

Here's a priceless snippet from an interview on

VideoGamer: Do you think hackers have an unfairly bad reputation?

Deepdark: Listen, let's talk about the iPhone situation. Apple has 10000 employees and they are against us because we are bricking them by hacking their protection. On another side are end users who are 1,000,000 strong maybe. They are happy. So like you see, it's a big difference.

VideoGamer: But isn't it Apple's right to have their own protection on their products?

Deepdark: Yes, but you can't sell a car and then say to the buyer, "hey listen, you must drive 50kmh". It's so stupid.


VideoGamer: In the end do you think these projects actually make the iPhone more desirable to consumers?

Deepdark: Of course. We are making the product more useful. Imagine a world without hackers. You won't live in that world.

via (hackzine)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

310+ Essential readings, tools and Resources for Bloggers

I was looking for them and then I found them at Problogger, mashable and others from Matt Huggins. While some of you might be aware of some of them, for others it may be a new world. But then these tips help everyone.

Essential Readings

  1. Can You Make a Living Blogging? (Graywolf SEO)
  2. Five Beginner’s Blogging Tips (John Chow)
  3. The First 7 Days of Blogging (Pronet Advertising)
  4. Put on Your Game Face (Pronet Advertising)
  5. How to “Announce” a Blog (Blog Traffic School)
  6. How to Use Social News Aggregators as a Source for Content Ideas (Dosh Dosh)
  7. 5 Ways to Building a Better Blog (Pronet Advertising)
  8. Bring Your A-game to Write for Blogs (Freelance Switch)
  9. What Are You Learning from Leading Edge SEO Bloggers? (Graywolf SEO)
  10. How Great Headlines Score Traffic (Copyblogger)
  11. 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas that Work (Copyblogger)
  12. Declaring War on Blogger Apathy (ProBlogger)
  13. How to Market Your Blog in 2007 (ProBlogger)
  14. 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (SEOmoz)
  15. Five Steps to a Truly Unique Blog That Attracts Readers and Revenue (Copyblogger)
  16. 10 Simple Ways to Retain Blog Readership (Matt Huggins)
  17. How to Get Traffic for Your Blog (Seth Godin)
  18. 10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers (Copyblogger)
  19. How to Develop “Stickyness” to Your Blog (Blogging Tips)
  20. A Very Simple Way to Increase Your RSS Subscribers & MyBlogLog Community Members (Dosh Dosh)
  21. 12 Different Types of Links and How to Get Them (Stuntdubl)
  22. 101 Ways to Build Links in 2006 (SEOBook)
  23. 66 Ways to Build Links in 2007 (Brandon Hopkins)
  24. Getting Noticed by A-list Bloggers vs. Getting on Digg Front Pages (Digital Inspiration)
  25. Do You Digg This Headline? (Copyblogger)
  26. Why Too Many Little Icons Can Easily Distract Your Visitors (Pronet Advertising)
  27. How to Generate Targeted Site Traffic Without Search Engines (Scoreboard Media Group)
  28. Linkbait, Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exagerated (Graywolf SEO)
  29. SEP Advice: Linkbait and Linkbaiting (Matt Cutts)
  30. Blogging SEO Basics (Matt Huggins)
  31. Search Engine Optimization for Blogs (ProBlogger)
  32. 8 Simple SEO Tips for Blogs (JohnTP)
  33. How to Enhance Your Blog’s SEO and Attract Relevant Traffic in One Easy Step (Technosailor)
  34. Is it OK to Write for Digg? (Copyblogger)
  35. Get Your Blog Out of the Google Supplemental Index (Not So Boring Life)
  36. 5 Simple Ways to Encourage Blog Participation (Matt Huggins)
  37. 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog (ProBlogger)
  38. 10 Quick Methods to Increase Blog Comments (Legal Andrew)
  39. Top 5 WordPress Plugins That Help Increase Comments (JohnTP)
  40. 8 Tips to Optimize AdSense Units (Daily Blog Tips)
  41. Google AdSense Tips, Tricks, and Secrets (Graywolf SEO)
  42. Why AdSense is Not Suitable for All Blog Topics (ProBlogger)
  43. Make Money from Your Blog (Matt Huggins)
  44. Six Powerful Blog Strategies that will Rapidly Increase Your Affiliate Referrals (Dosh Dosh)
  45. 10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on Your Blog (ProBlogger)
  46. 10 Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive to Advertisers (ProBlogger)
  47. 27 Lessons Learned on the Way to 3000 Visits a Day and 2200 RSS Subscribers (Pick the Brain)
  48. 10 Ways to Become a Better Blogger (TechRepublic)
  49. 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger (
  50. The 5 Deadly Sins of Blogging (Pronet Advertising)
  51. 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid (John Chow)
  52. 10 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Dating (Romance Tracker)
  53. 6 Lessons Britney Spears Can Teach You About Blogging (Kumiko’s Cash Quest)
  54. Why Everything You Think You Know About Blog Architecture is Wrong (Pearsonified)
  55. Help! I’m Addicted to Checking My Blog’s Stats! (ProBlogger)
  56. Get your own Blog Theme! by Anuj Seth
  57. Ways to Increase Your Inbound Links by T.Pettinger
  58. Don’t be a Skeptical blogger by Costa
  59. 7 Sites with Great Blogging Tips by PabloPabla
  60. The First Thing To Do After You Publish Your Blog by Ankesh Kothari
  61. Blogging Mistakes to Avoid by Simon
  62. Use your Blog Comment Name for Personal Branding by Ted Demopoulos, The Blogging for Business Guy
  63. 7 Techniques that will help increase the number of your RSS Subscribers by Raiber Cristian
  64. Budget Promotion Part Three: Blogs by Genesis Davies
  65. Use Article Marketing to Attract New Readers to Your Blog by Rich Brooks
  66. Beware Of Letting Your Articles Go Cold In The Draft by Clean Cut Blog
  67. You Have a Complicated Blog, And You Want It To Be Popular. Should You Change Anything?
  68. Market Your Identity / Not Your Product by Jason MoneySpace
  69. Blogsolid - ideas for better blogging by Imar
  70. Email and Blog Branding by Jeri Merrell
  71. Increasing Your Blog Revenue by Ian
  72. Got Blog? Grow it With Some Special Spice… by Fred Black
  73. Read More, Write Less: The Key to Blogging Growth by Chris
  74. 10 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About by Sly
  75. 10 Ways To Show Your Readers You Hate Them by Wild Bill
  76. Use trackbacks to build blog community by Jo Raisovich
  77. How to Get to The Top by Dan Cole
  78. 10 Must Have Softwares For A Blogger by Karthik Kastury
  79. 5 Ways to Get Noticed by A-List Bloggers by Steven Snell
  80. They comment, you email, they subscribe, life is good! by Bob Walsh
  81. Want more customers? Join a online community. by Bob Walsh
  82. 7 Ways to optimize AuctionAds by Scott Bird
  83. Grow Your Business in 15 Minutes or Less by Mason Hipp
  84. Do not forget http:// in WordPress posts by Sumesh
  85. Seven Ways to Master FeedBurner by Jordan (MamaBlogga)
  86. Cheat Sheets: Why Readers (and Social Networks) Love Them by Skellie
  87. Taking a Break from the 30 Day Challenge - for at least 10 minutes by Patrick
  88. My Article Writing Template - Effectivity in Action by Tom O’Leary
  89. Website Traffic and META Tags by Jason MoneySpace with guest author Kyle Watters
  90. How to Increase Your Traffic?? by syiru
  91. Causal Reasoning 101 for Bloggers by Andrew Boyd
  92. The Perfect Title: Try these Enticing Titles by Tejvan Pettinger
  93. Top Tips for Beginnig Bloggers by SingForHim
  94. How to participate in blog carnivals by Trevor Hampel
  95. Top Wordpress plugins that make your blog smart by Vijay
  96. Contests Anyone Can Do - Promoting Blogs & Websites by Rob Malon
  97. Want Traffic? Create Something Unique and Valuable! by Lucia Liljegren
  98. 5 Simple Tips To Increase Adsense Income by Bryan Clark
  99. How to Scientifically Identify Content that’s Perfect for your Blog by Simon
  100. Do it on Fridays - when no one is looking by Bob Walsh
  101. What are Friday afternoons good for? by Bob Walsh
  102. Bloggers! If you don’t FIRE UP your HEADLINES, your blog will definitely be a LOSER! by Mark
  103. The Frustrations of Joining Forums without knowing anyone by Costa
  104. The Best Way To Earn Repeat Business by Derek Semmler
  105. How to NOT make money blogging by Ryan McFarland
  106. 5 Copywriting Tips That Will Make Reading Your Web Site/Blog Easier For Visitors by Melissa Fach
  107. Track Your Blog’s Stats by Matt Harzewski
  108. Links, Backlinks, Pingbacks and Trackbacks - What Exactly Are They? by pearl
  109. How to get 50x or more the traffic? by Emad Ibrahim
  110. Magnetize Your Blog: Always Reply to Comments! by Jeanne Dininni
  111. Tips for Writing Great Content the Right Way by Sly
  112. SEO in 24 easy steps by Uzair
Essential Resources


  1. ThemeViewer - The number one location to find WordPress themes to make your page cool, which you will most certainly want to do.
  2. Templates Now - A smaller collection of WordPress themes, but still worth your while to check out.
  3. TemplateMonster - If you want more professional quality themes then this site can be useful. They offer extremely high quality themes that you can purchase for WordPress.
  4. Wordpress Themes - a neatly categorized site with a huge selection of themes

Best WordPress Plugins


  1. Akismet - The best blog comment spam prevention plug-in. Ships free with WordPress, but you still have to turn it on and keep it updated.
  2. Wordpress Backup - an absolute must if you want to keep your archive in case of something going wrong
  3. WP Cache - if your blog ever experiences a burst of traffic, you’ll be thankful you have WP Cache
  4. Sitemap Generator - everyone who cares about SEO (and that should be everyone) should have this on
  5. Preview Pane - If you upgrade/install WordPress 2.2.x, the Preview Frame has gone missing, as the developers decided to leave it out, and it is a vital tool on checking your posts, so this plug-in restores that functionality.
  6. Facebook Photos - A nice WordPress plug-in that allows quick access to your Facebook photos and the ability to integrate them in to any post within WordPress with ease.
  7. Flickr Photos - Same as Facebook Photos, but for use with a Flickr account.
  8. Related Posts - This plugin lets you display all the posts you have written on the same subject near each post. It increases the chance that a visitor will spend more time browsing your blog posts.
  9. Feedburner Feed Replacement - sooner or later, most people switch to Feedburner for their RSS needs. This plugin redirects all the RSS feeds on your blog to the Feedburner one. Might cause problems with Technorati.
  10. Ultimate Tag Warrior - an advanced solution for all your tagging problems.
  11. Adsense Deluxe - a great way to manage AdSense ads on your blog.
  12. Super Archive - Creates a great dynamic archive for your Wordpress blog posts.
  13. Stat Traq - Get detailed statistics in a very effective graphical format.
  14. Sociable - adds all those cute tiny icons for easy social bookmarking
  15. LightBox 2 - A fade effect that you see on a myriad of blogs you visit these days where you click the image, the background fades and then the image itself displays in full view. A very nice effect to have.

Wordpress Plugin repositories

  1. Official Wordpress Plugins Site - The official Wordpress plugin repository is actually one of the best lists of its kind out there
  2. Wp-Plugins - a comprehensive list of Wordpress plugins
  3. Wp Plugins DB - another large database of plugins for Wordpress
  4. Weblog Tools Collection - an often updated site bringing you the latest Wordpress plugins as they arrive

Movable Type

movable type

Movable Type Styles

  1. Style Library -If you are looking for a way to make your Movable Type blog look fresh, then look no further.
  2. The Style Contest - A collection of Movable Type Styles created from contests to create the best styles. Only the best is here.
  3. Style Generator - Use this if you wish to take things in to your own hands and
    create your own Styles for use with Movable Type.

Best Movable Type Plugins

  1. MT Notifier - This plug-in gives you a great amount of control of notification options for your users and helps with keeping your users connected to your Movable Type blog.
  2. InlineEditor - No more clicking through 3 or more pages to edit your posts on Movable Type, this plug-in allows you to edit through Ajax technology right on the same page as your post.
  3. MT Blogroll - If you want to link to your favorite blogs and sites, then you need a “blogroll” (collection of links to sites and other blogs), and this plug-in solves this problem with providing you the ability to create and manage as many “blogrolls” as your heart desires.
  4. Official Movable Type Plugin site - a comprehensive alphabetical list of Movable Type plugins

Blog Hosting Solutions

Dedicated & Shared Hosting Services

  1. Dreamhost - Offers a lot for a very small amount of money.
  2. CirtexHosting - Hosting plans starting at as little as $2.
  3. BlueHost - Another affordable hosting solution.
  4. HostGator - Cheap shared personal hosting.
  5. Media Temple - Grid based hosting; known to be able to sustain lots of traffic.

Paid Blog Hosting Services

  1. TypePad - If you are a MovableType fan, then TypePad is the premiere service to be using to host your blog.
  2. Blogsite - An enterprise level blogging and publishing platform. Multiple blogs can reside withing one blogsite. Amazing SEO visibility.

Free Blog Hosting Services

  1. WordPress - WordPress allows you to create and host a blog on their own servers and you can display it to the world. You don’t get as much customization and functionality as if you have it hosted on your own server (for example, advertising is not allowed), but it is still a very good way to blog without paying money.
  2. Blogger - A service owned by Google, Blogger is a way to have your blogs hosted for free and you can post as much as you want. It allows Google’s AdSense to be used.
  3. Xanga - iXanga is a lively community of online diaries and journals. Users create their own profiles and there are many opportunities to interact with other users.
  4. LiveJournal - LiveJournal is excellent if you wish to blog on a personal level and join a community and share your blogs among friends.
  5. Vox - A new contender to the arena but Vox is a very nice and powerful blogging tool; not to mention free!; You receive many social experiences with this option as Vox is based heavily on community based blogging.
  6. Tumblr - Tumblr is great if you don’t have time to blog, but still want to share something now and again. It lets you easily post videos, pictures, links, and of course you can write there too.

Mini-Blogging Services

  1. Jaiku - Jaiku allows you the ability to post “mini-blogs” which are short blogs (usually under 140 - 160 characters in length) about whatever you decide. Jaiku also allows you to link together content from other services and social sites that provide RSS/ATOM feeds and they can be displayed as well.
  2. Twitter - Twitter lets you say what you are doing in 140 characters or less. Recently new features have been added that have made it into a great communication tool.

Mobile Based Blogging

  1. TextAmerica - A way to blog on the go. You blog with service by adding photos to your mobile blog and then later on you can add text descriptions and people
    can see your world on the go.
  2. Twitter - Twitter also has solid support for blogging from mobile devices.

Essential Tips & Advice


Blogs about Blogging

  1. Weblogs - Professional blogger / freelance writer Deborah Ng covers a wide range of blogging topics for all levels of blogger, but is especially good for new bloggers.
  2. Advanced Business Blogging - Two people who are really making money with blogs and new media and showing others how to.
  3. Blogging for Business - Ted Demopoulos focuses “on practical business implications and uses of new media and technologies, including Blogging and Business, pod-casting, and other ‘Cool Internet Stuff’.”
  4. Andy Wibbels - The author of Blog Wild! puts emphasises blogs for small business marketing, but his tips are useful for all bloggers.
  5. Problogger - Darren Rowse is the definitive guide to making money with your blog.
  6. MasterNewMedia - A site about independent publishing and social media which publishes articles showing how to create effective blogs and improve online marketing strategies.
  7. Copyblogger - a great resource of no-nonsense information for bloggers (and everyone else who wants to learn how to write well)
  8. DailyBlogTips - a place where you can find useful tips to improve the quality of your blog. Updated daily.
  9. Blogging Pro - news, tips and technical support for bloggers.
  10. Blogs in Education - a great list of useful resources aimed at those who want to use blogs for educational purposes.
  11. Tips for new bloggers - Get the jist of the CSS and HTML in blogs.

Misc. Tips

  1. 10 Most Practical Blogs for Entrepreneurs - No philosophy, theory or personal rants/raves/ramblings here - just practical tips for business
  2. Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog - Tips for increasing the usability of your blog for your users which can lead to new and returning readers.
  3. Big list of blog search engines - a very detailed resource for blog search engines.
  4. Search Engine Submission Tips - an interesting list of techniques and strategies you can use to make your blog appear in relevant search results.
  5. How to Make Money From Your Website - a practical guide that explains the differences between the different advertising systems that you can use on your blog.
  6. 25 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Readers & Search Engines - useful tips that help your blog stand out from the crowd.
  7. Research, Promote And Monetize Your Online Writing: A Blogger’s Guide To Twitter - a great guide by Michael Pick that shows you how to get the best out of
  8. 25 Tips for Marketing Your Blog - a detailed list of tips to help bloggers optimize their site for online marketing.
  9. 9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers - Joshua Porter shares interesting lessons he learned in 7 years of blogging.
  10. Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes - Jacob Nielsen writes down a list of the worst things you could do on your blog.
  11. How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer - Leo Babauta shows how to become a freelance blog writer and get rewarded.
  12. How To Prevent Running Out Of Blogging Steam - Did you run out of words? Here is what you can do when you have to face a situation like that.
  13. 13 Tips To Get Your Blog Noticed - a list of short tips to make your blog shine among the others.

Blogging Forums & Sites


  1. Blogger Forum - This site has a nice forum with plenty of resources for helping you on your beginnings in blogging.
  2. Bloggst - a fairly new community devoted to bloggers, and blogging, with howtos, interviews and other resources.
  3. True Blogging - a forum completely dedicated to bloggers, blogging resources and blog monetization.
  4. Blogger Talk - great resource for bloggers who want to share their experiences.
  5. Bloggeries - a community for bloggers from all over the world to gather and discuss their blogs.
  6. Webloggers - forum on marketing blogs, software for bloggers, blogging news and mobile blogging.
  7. The Blog Herald - a source of blog and blogging related news for bloggers.

Essential Blogging Tools


Blog Search Engines

  1. Technorati - One of the most popular search engines for blogs; its top list is one of the most often cited metrics on the Internet.
  2. Sphere - a blog search engine that offers a contextual widget which shows related posts from other blogs.
  3. Google Blog Search - A very simple blog search engine. It’s basically Google Search that only looks through blogs and comments on blogs.
  4. Ice Rocket – A Google-like blog search engine.

Blog Top Lists

  1. RSSTop55 - the most comprehensive list of blog top lists and blog submission sites on
    the net.
  2. Blogtoplist - anoother good blog submission site

Blog Statistics & Analysis

  1. StatCounter - A completely free statistics and analysis tool for tracking your blog’s numbers.
  2. Site Meter - Site Meter comes in two flavors, Site Meter Basic and Site Meter Premium and this service offers advanced analytics of your site statistics.
  3. AWStats - A free and open-source alternative to track your site statistics.
  4. Feedburner - A wide range of tools to spiff up your RSS feed, including HTML preview, geotagging, merging link and photo feeds, password protection, and one of our favorites - a customizable GIF-based headline animator. They can also insert ads into your feed and have both free and premium analytics.
  5. Alexa - Alexa has the statistics for all of the internet and it lets you compare your blog to another.
  6. Google Analytics - a free, full-featured (albeit a bit slow) analytics program from Google (ex. Urchin).
  7. MeasureMap - another free tool for detailed analysis of your blog’s visitor habits

Blog Monetization


  1. PayPal - PayPal allows you to set up a donations system on your site. Your readers can click a button that will bring them to a page where they can send you some cash.
  2. Chitika - Contextual interactive CPC advertising. Requires more screen real estate than AdSense, but tends to have higher click-through rates and payout rates.
  3. LinkAdage - Text links and text advertisements to generate revenue from your website by way of bidding, brokering, and exchanging text advertisements.
  4. Txtswap - If you want to exchange text links to try and bring in more users, and in turn raise the potential to gain income, this is another service to try.
  5. Google AdSense - Almost certainly the largest single source of income to bloggers worldwide. Pay per click and per view.
  6. Yahoo Publisher network - pay per click ads, similar to Google AdSense.
  7. AdBrite - Get paid for text link advertisements on your blog.
  8. Text Link Ads - One of the leading suppliers of text link advertisements.
  9. BidVertiser - an advertising system where you set the bids for pay per click ads.
  10. ReviewMe - a marketplace for paid blog reviews.
  11. PayPerPost - another marketplace for paid blog posts; often criticized, not only because of the idea of paid blog posting, but also due to the fact that they don’t require full disclosure on paid posts.
  12. BlogBurst - get your blog syndicated by the bigtime media; best blogs get paid for their content.

Spreading The Word

  1. Reddit - Social content site with focus on fun stuff, politics, science; sometimes, anything goes. Witty descriptions are obligatory.
  2. ClipMarks - A service that allows you to save and share “clips” from web pages.
  3. Digg - Social content site that likes technology-related content; especially Google and Apple related. Promoting your own blog - especially too aggressively - on Digg is not a good idea.
  4. Blogmarks - another “clipping” service for saving and sharing links from the web.
  5. Newsvine - Social news site with plenty of options and features
  6. Netscape - Netscape’s social news portal, less oriented towards technology than both Digg and Reddit
  7. - If you need to share bookmarks or you want people to tell you about websites, will allow you to do that.

Essential Misc. Tools

  1. MyBlogLog - Possibly the coolest blog community building tool around. Doubles as a simple analytics tool.
  2. BlogRolling – Blogroll manager.
  3. PollDaddy - cool polls for your blog.
  4. BlogPolls - another provider of free polls for bloggers
  5. Favicon Maker – simple service that enables you to easily create a favicon from an image.
  6. Qumana - a desktop blog editor for Mac and Windows.
  7. Blogjet - another desktop blog client, works only on Windows.
  8. Blogarithm - enables you to track all your content at one place.
  9. GeoLoc - a widget that shows your visitors’ locations on a world map.
  10. JunkIWant - display your Amazon wishlist as a widget on your blog
  11. BlogSticker - create stickers for your blog.
  12. MyOpenId - enables you to identify yourself for various online service, using your blog address.
  13. BlogFlux tools - several cool tools for bloggers.
  14. ImageShack - free photo hosting service.
Essential feed and RSS tools

Feed validators

  1. Feed Validator – By entering your feed URL at Feed Validator, the service will literally translate your RSS to code and identify any potential problems. It works with versions of RSS up to 2.0.
  2. RSS 1.0 Validator – This validator for RSS 1.0 generates an HTML page identifying any errors.
  3. Redland RSS 1.0 Validator & Viewer – This validator offers a variety of display options for checking your feeds.

RSS managers

  1. Feedburner - the obvious one. Recently acquired by Google, FeedBurner has become the de facto standard for RSS feed management, offering a huge set of features, including detailed analytics, chicklets, feed optimization and ad insertion.
  2. WebPasties - a set of RSS-related tools, including some feed management features
  3. FeedPass - creates a nice landing page for your feeds
RSS mixers

  1. Yahoo! Pipes - an advanced RSS mixer with a graphical user interface; supports simple operators, filters, and many advanced functions
  2. Feedbite - a combination of an online RSS reader and an RSS mixer, with the possibility to vote for RSS “bundles”
  3. Feedblendr - a very simple RSS mixer that doesn’t require registration
  4. Blogsieve - full featured RSS mixer that lets you blend up to 5 feeds and do some advanced filtering on the results
  5. Feedcombine - RSS mixer that lets you blend feeds from a list of predefined sources
  6. Feedshake - RSS mixing and some basic filtering
  7. xFruits - a set of very neat tools for RSS blending, filtering and conversion, including an RSS to PDF tool
  8. BlastFeed - an RSS mixer that lets you combine and filter feeds and get them delivered via e-mail, IM or RSS
  9. FeedRinse - an advanced RSS filter that enables you to get rid of the “spam” in your RSS feeds
  10. FeedDigest - RSS mixer that lets you mix and sort feeds and then republish them on a website
  11. Popfly - Microsoft’s very promising RSS mixer, currently in closed beta
  12. Google Mashup Editor (GME) - Google’s set of developer tools for creating mashups
  13. RSSMesh - a PHP script that lets you blend several feeds into one
  14. Afeeda - RSS mixer which lets you blend all your favorite feeds into one.

RSS Ping Tools

  1. Pingoat – On Pingoat, you enter your blog URL and select the services you would like to ping. Doing so will make sure that the selected sites crawl and index your site. The site has nearly 50 different services you can ping.
  2. Ping-o-matic – Enter your blog or feed URL and select from a variety of blog search engines and Ping-o-matic will send them a ping. The site has about 20 services to choose from.
  3. Blog Flux – In addition to a variety of other tools for bloggers, Blog Flux offers Pinger, which includes more than 30 sites you can automatically ping, including several language specific indexes.
  4. ping service – This site is mostly in Dutch and automatically pings a few of the larger services such as Technorati and

Feed Directories
  1. Syndic8 - one of the biggest RSS feed directories; integrates with several services on this list
  2. Technorati - indexes blogs based on tags and authority, as measured by incoming links.
  3. Feedster - organizes feeds into content channels such as technology and celebrity gossip.
  4. Blogstreet - places feeds into different directory categories and also has a Digg-like homepage powered by user rankings.
  5. - one of the original feed directories, simply shows the most recent blog updates automatically as they happen.
  6. Icerocket - a blog search engine that also keeps track of blog statistics with their Blog Tracker product.
  7. - a simple listing of recently updated blogs in the spirit of
  8. blogdigger - blog search engine, also has a Local feature for finding bloggers in your area.
  9. - a categorized blog directory and search engine with about 10,000 feeds indexed.
  10. WeBlogALot - a blog directory that also pulls in breaking news feeds from mainstream sources.
Essential RSS tips and Tricks
  1. Steve Rubel’s collection of RSS hacks
  2. Another set of RSS-related hacks from Steve Rubel
  3. Web Worker Daily’s tips on RSS reading
  4. 5 RSS tips by LifeDev
  5. Steve Rubel’s 35 ways to use RSS feeds
  6. Mister Tipster - a hardware USB mini display aimed specifically at displaying RSS feeds
  7. Some RSS tips from Wired
  8. Read RSS on your AppleTV

Miscellaneous RSS-related tools


  1. SearchFeedr - RSS feed search, supports Yahoo!, Google, MSN Live and Altavista
  2. FeedCycle - bundles feeds into “episodes” and delivers them on a scheduled/daily basis
  3. FeedCrier - brings RSS feeds to your instant messenger
  4. Clicky’s RSS feed - Clicky is a web analytics tool which can deliver analytics results via an RSS feed
  5. RSS Panel X - a Greasemonkey script that displays RSS, Atom, hAtom and OPML directly from originating website
  6. FeedForAll - create and edit RSS feeds and podcasts
  7. Radio UserLand - a combination of a publishing platform and a news aggregator
  8. Custom Reader - a white label RSS reader solution, ready to be branded to your liking
  9. Chaos Wallpaper - RSS reader and wallpaper changer in one
  10. FireAnt - RSS reader focused on podcasts, vidcasts, and media
  11. NewsAloud - converts RSS feeds to voice
  12. RSS2PDF - converts RSS feeds to PDF format
  13. Dapper - creates an RSS feed from any website
  14. Feedity - another RSS generator that can generate an RSS feed from any website
  15. RSSMicro - an RSS search engine; searches over 65 million feeds/

Hope these help you. If somewhere I missed some thing, please inform me through comments section.