Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Create Fake Poster from your Photographs

I have been seeing a lot of people create real looking Wall Posters, Devotional Posters, Banners and much more from their Photographs. A lot of people keep asking me that how do these people create these posters and I end up showing them a whole PhotoShop tutorial for a couple of hours which obviously goes above their head. Now from today I just have to give them the name of this website and they will be able to create their Fake Posters just in under a few minutes. The website that lets you create fake wall posters, Banners from your Pictures is . You just have to upload your photograph to the website and select a template to create a poster and voila, you have a real looking Poster created from your Photograph. it is a s easy as that. Hope this help, if yu have any questions, please drop them as a comment below and I shall get back to you as soon as possible. Here are some of the Templates available on the site for Poster Creation.
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters
Make Fake Posters

I've found good site Quiet nice site. allows you to make awesome images with your photos. You can make funny effects such as "Wanted dead or alive" or photo frames for your LOVE. You can also create famous magazines covers with your photo. is simple to work with. Just upload your photo via special form and select effect you want to use with your photo. Enjoy using and share it with your friends.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Download Free Asphalt 4 for Mobile - s60

I have been playing Road Asphalt 3.0 (The N-Gage Version)on my Nokia N95 8 GB from quite some days now and I must say i wasn't impressed with the graphics of the Game until Now. I have found a cute little game from the Gameloft that is called Asphalt 4.0 Elite Racing and its Graphics are much better and it is a bit addictive too. Here are some of the features of this Games:
  • 10 dream cars & bikes including the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F430 Spider, Nissan GT-R, Ducati 1098.
  • Race in 6 of the world's hottest cities: Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, Shanghai, NYC, Dubai, Paris.
  • Amazing 3D environments providing breathtaking speed sensations!
  • Tune your rides in your own luxury garage!
  • Enjoy 5 extreme racing modes such as cop chase, drift, and beat'em all.
  • Adapt your driving style to the weather conditions: Can you control your car under heavy rain?
Here are some of the Screenshots of this Games

Download Links:

Download Asphalt 4.0Elite Racing for Nokia N95 8GB

Download Aspahlt 4.0Elite Racing for Nokia s60 3rd Edition

Monday, December 22, 2008

Downlad Assassin's Creed for Mobile - Free

Assassin's Creed is in no doubt one of the biggest and best Video Games of this year. While Some enjoyed playing it on their Gaming PC, others didn't leave behind and played it on Mobile. First up I must say the Mobile version of the games isn't hlf good as the PC version but still, you can enjoy playing it in bus or Train without getting bored. Below are some Screenshots of this game followed by the Download Link.

Download Assassin's Creed For Mobile (Tested on Nokia N95 8GB, but should work on other Simillar Deices too.)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Get a Free BSNL Internet Connection

You may all be trying to Access the Old, not working now, Free AirTel GPRS, with no luck. Don't waste you time looking for the setting, it does not work right. And those among you who have been loyal readers of this blog may know that I will be the first one to post about the Free Airtel GPRS once it is availble. For now, try to use the Free Internet Connection provided by BSNL (Ya! I know it sucks, but it is free :) ). You can access the BSNL's NetOne connection free of cost for the entire month of October 2008. All you need to have is a PC, a Modem and BSNL Landline for this to work. Create a new dial up connection and enter the following details in it:

Username: Enter your STD code followed by your phone number. Please don't include Zero that you usually prefix to your STD code. If your STD code is 0123 and your phone number is 12345678, then your Username will be 12312345678

Password: Your Phone Number. Example: 12345678

Dial: 172222

The NetOne speed is not that good but as I told you before, this free. Enjoy free Internet for this month, but then there are reports that this will be extended.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Send Free Voice SMS from your Airtel Mobile

Hey! Guys. Sorry for not answering comments and emails all these days. I was busy in personal business. I have been getting email from all around India saying that the New Free Airtel GPRS settings for 2008 don't seem to work anymore. Sigh.......... When will these Airtel people let us live and surf free. I have got a good news for you though. I am going to show you a brand new trick ro send free Local Free Airtel voice SMS. With the current plan of Airtel, you have to pay 75 paise/ Voice SMS. But with this trick you will be able to do it free of cost. Send unlimited number of free Airtel Voice SMS. No more talks, let us get to the trick.
You need to dial *0*[10 digit mobile number here]
Press the call button and voila, send free Voice SMS instantly.
As far as the Free GPRS settings are concerned, stay tuned and stay subscribed to get them as soon as we get them. Enter your email on this form to subscribe to latest updates from this blog.